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 Daily Nutritional supplements and diet of Roald J Rudman – date of birth: 10/02/1995 – date of near drowning accident: 06/10/1997
1. Prescription  Medication :    
Product Dosage Type
Losec 20mg  *** 1/2 tablet daily Chronic/reflux
Gaviscon  *** 3x p day 2.5 ml Chronic/reflux
 2.  Natural remedies    
Viral Choice
(winter months mostly)
1 tablet per day
Or syrup
Natural immune maintenance for colds & flu
Emu Oil capsules 2 p day Omega 3,6,7&9 for boosting the immune system 
Nootripol/Pirazatam   1-2 tablets p day clarity of mind –read on internet also about Nootripol and it’s known effects…
 Milkarra by Re-Vite   1-2 t p day  Essential fatty acid for Brain, Nervous system and Vision 
 3.  Supplementation    
Calcium/Magnesium of GNLD
Urticalcin/Bioforce for absorption of Calcium
 1 tablet at night
 Extra Calcium and Magnesium – essential for Roald since he is spastic in both arms and legs.  Calcium to improve sleep patterns
Improve immunity
Lifegain or Ensure (this is replaced sometimes by Rattie’s own mixture of several products mixed together)  3 level spoons mixed with  500 ml of water given to Roald every half an hour through the day &   between meals.
He also gets 500mls of purified water in addition to the above.
 Extra nutrition
 Cellfood-Oxygen for Life (when he has a cold especially)  10 - 15 drops once per day  Building the immune system and loosens mucus in lungs – overall well being
 DMG (SOLAL)  2 tablets 1x p day)  To help with seizures
 Idebenone (SOLAL)  1 tablet in clear fluids per day  Memory enhancing supplement & anti-oxidant


  ****** try the DMG (SOLAL), it really helped Roald***** available at Dischem Pharmacies
(The DMG above, stopped his seizures completely and Roald has been  seizure free for 7+ years!!) 
(We have also found that Tobramycin or also called Nepkin (antibiotic) is very helpful to treat lung infections as an inhalation antibiotic combined with zinc supplementation that proved in studies to shorten the healing period)  It really helps in that you do not have to admit your child to the hospital and can treat them at home where it is much more convenient and their changes of getting some infectious disease in hospital is also prevented………….)  We change his supplements from time to time as new needs arise.

We have also found that Mangosteen/Pomegranate/Noni Complex (herbal supplement of Swanson Health Products) helps for reflux. Colloidal Silver ointment is good for around the tube to prevent redness and swelling and you can even clean there with the Colloidal silver fluid – protect the area with gauze and micro-pore to keep it dry……Emu oil just proved to be an excellent product after surgery for healing and for pain controlling, we also give Roald Emu oil tablets (2 tablets a day but were told that in instances where you want immediate results or for example following surgery or before surgery to give up to five capsules and then to gradually decrease the dose to two capsules a day) to help with Orthopedic issues and strengthen the immune system. Emu oil topically is also very effective to treat burn wounds and mosquito/insect bites.
You can order from: SA Emu Oil Processors cc - Tel No: +27(0)113009921 - Webpage: www.emu.co.za (P O Box 13, Muldersdrift, 1747, South Africa - they process oil after extensive training in the USA or contact Elna Rudman -082 5761426 and we can help you to order emu oil.

(All of his food is blenderized for tube feeding and all of it is natural foods – we do not give him pre-manufactured tube feeds)
Cili Bao Porridge, Oats, Wheet-a-bix, Muesli or Pro-Nutro mixed with milk or yogi sip for extra nutrition, we may add a banana or other fruit and yogurt etc to the porridge
Replaced 3x per week with egg omelette with cream cheese or cream, slice of bread and basically just what you eat yourself for breakfast…..
FIVE TO SIX VEGETABLES, MEAT (either fish, chicken, lamb, beef, turkey, Ostrich or venison) and brown rice or potatoes.
These are varied from day to day.
We add calories to meals by adding fresh cream, mascarpone cheese, olive oil, grape seed or flaxseed oil, custard, Ensure powder & Kolostrum (buy at Health Stores)
Mostly a variety of beans, Soya and rice or vegetables.  We try to give Roald a vegetarian type evening meal that is easier to digest and find the last two months that his reflux really improved since doing this***
About twice a week the above is substituted by yoghurt, dried fruits, nuts etc.  On occasion we shall give him bread, eggs and peanut butter or cheese blenderized as a substitute here or a Vegetarian pasta dish.
Note: we prepare his breakfast the night before, the other meals we cook once a week and keep frozen.  He nowadays also gets one night feed of Ensure or Lifegain at 3 am since he is a growing 14y old!

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