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New book on Stilnox/Zolpidem

A book of the effect of Stilnox/Zolpidem written by Prof. Ralf Clauss born
in SA but now residing in the UK can be obtained directly through Dr Nel in
Springs or through bookstores via the ISBN number 978-0-9559409. In the UK
it is sold through Waterstones, WH Smith, Amazon or Blackwell, or on the
internet it is available at www.hopeinbraindamage.co.uk.

Therapies Tried / Investigated

List of therapies ongoing and done :
  1. HBOT 120 Dives in SA (vital to do this as soon as possible after the event of hypoxia/anoxia – try 40 dives and then assess if you think more is necessary!) Look at http://www.hbot4u.com – NB do this as soon as possible after an event of Anoxia or Hypoxia!!!
    HBOT in SA (Midrand JHB) Webpage:http://hyperbaric-oxygen.co.za/contact_us.htm
  2. NDT Fisio – ongoing – 2 x per week (very important to prevent contractures!!)
  3. NDT Speech Therapy - ongoing
  4. NDT Occupational Therapy - Four years
  5. Sacral Cranial Massage - Two years (great therapy and really calmed and relaxed Roald)
  6. Acupuncture and Acupressure - 6 months (helped with his breathing and to get feeling back!)
  7. Hippo therapy (horse riding) - 3 years (great therapy to help with spasticity and for vestibular stimulation) and the clearing of the lungs.
  8. Acutouch therapy – 2 years (no results)
  9. Aroma Therapy massage therapy - BART technique ongoing (really helps to relax Roald after his evening bath!)
  10. Spa Therapy – ongoing – he has a jacuzzi bath but previously we used a wonder-spa that simply fits into any bath.
  11. Amino Therapy – 2 years (no magnificent results noted)
  12. Syntonic Phototherapy – ongoing (great for the eyes and overall brain stimulation) We did sessions with Dr Peter Heinrich in Pretoria (Ophthalmologist) Go look at: www.newmediaexplorer.org or www.contacts-vision.com
  13.  Brain Gym – Ongoing (Roald’s favourite therapy, for cognitive stimulation) Go look at : www.braingym.co.za or www.braingym.org or www.theconnexion.co.za or www.naturalmedicine.co.za 
  14. Our newest addition to Roald’s therapy has arrived from Norway, called the Multi-vibration mattress that stimulates all of the cells in the body and treats different issues with different CD’s that works on different MHz settings. The mattress has built in speakers that vibrates music through it, we are in constant contact with the developer, Olav Skille from Norway. Go look at: Webpage: www.multivib.com or www.stepone.jimbo.com/links.php - read under Vibro-acoustic therapy.
  15. Natural Food Diet and specialized supplementations ongoing from our own studies and advice internationally as well as using Homeopaths locally and a lot of reading, browsing the internet and visiting Health shops and Dischems and the like…..
  16. Neurofeedback did this therapy with Annemie Peche, tel no :  0823356133 (in Florida, JHB), 1x week. She is a clinical psychologist, polysomnomogrist and EEG Technician as well as a trained Neurofeedback therapist. Roald says a few words but since we started with this therapy he tries to talk, laughs all the time and overall we see him a lot more alert since he started with Neurofeedback. His tracking (eyes) have also improved.  Go look at : www.eeginfo.com and try to find someone in your area who does this therapy – the founder in SA is Mitzi Claassen, you can contact her on:  0836552738 or email: mitzi.claassen@neuro-logics.com who have been on Carte Blanche with her successes with Neurofeedback. She may be able to connect you with someone in your area.  For Neurofeedback in Cape Town area contact: Marina Grobler at: marinagrobler@telkomsa.net or 0733031375.
  17. NRT therapy (Neuro Respiratory Training, nowadays called Scotson Therapy) – done in the UK but have started therapy in SA, Roald went for the first training session in March 2005 but have been doing it before as well.   We have done this therapy with him at home six days a week for two hours a day.   Our fisio saw results eg. scoliosis improved a lot and other structural changes of upper body. Also good for metabolism and better breathing. His reflux has also improved after starting this therapy and adjusting his diet according to the recommendations of Linda Scotsman from the UK (founder of this therapy method) His breathing is better. Go look at : www.advancecentre.org.uk or contact Natalie Georgiou at : georgiou@mweb.co.za (also a mother of a near-drowning child)
  18. Vitalstim for swallowing – done in the USA by Marcy Freed, Speech Pathologist FDA approved, she has a 95% success rate to get people who have swallowed before to swallow again. After years of reading astounding reports of parents worldwide that uses this therapy with great success, It eventually came to South Africa, brought here by Mandy (FT) & Ange (SLP) from Rehab Matters in Rivonia (see details underneath), they went to the USA and did the course at Marcy Freed in the USA in Maryland. Go read at:  http://www.vitalstimtherapy.com/
  19.  I-gallop – your own in-house horse, Roald does horse riding on his every day in the comfort of his own home - contact: Managing Member - OSIM (South Africa) CC
    Tel: 2711 880 1551
    Fax: 2711 646 4170
    Cell:   082 880 2717  
    Email: osim@mweb.co.za
    Web: www.osim.biz       (International webpage)     
  20. Our latest therapy that we started with Roald in May 2010 - Solisten Therapy - we rent the unit from a pshycologist Karin Huyssen locally in Pretoria - contact number:  083 306 1613.  You can read more about it by doing a Google search or follow these links:     
    Go read about Tomatis/Solisten therapy at:
Therapies under investigation:
  1. Stem Cell therapy – done in the USA by dr. David Steenblok and research is also done in S A currently, they already do trials on heart patients. This I believe will be of great help to eventually help people with brain injuries when the method is found to get the stem cells to the place of actual damage in the brain – studies ongoing!
    Go look at : www.stemcelltherapies.org/cp.htm or www.strokedoctor.com
  2.  Stilnox/also called Ambien in the USA trials of dr. Wally Nel of SA (this MD from Brakpan discovered that the above medication “wake” certain bi people up. We did a SPECT scan   with Roald that proved that his overall brain function improved after taking Stilnox as to what it showed on the SPECT before taking the medication. (This test was performed at Medunsa with dr. Nel and Prof Clause.) You can contact dr. Wallie Nel at :   011 8122380   (office) or   011 8114925   (home) or   082 4530802  
  3. Quidriciser – therapy equipment to exercise passive people, USA – their webpage may not be working at the moment but it is : http://www.quadriciser.com/  or try: www.exnflex.com or www.motomed.de or www.flexiciser.com this is equipment that exercises passive people to prevent muscle atrophy, improve blood circulation, prevent contractures etc. A good substitute for Glen Doman’s patterning, may have a similar effect.
  4. Thera-togs Therapy – sensorimotor impairment therapy, can order from USA (similiar to Adeli Suit therapy)
  5. Adeli Suit therapy, fisio therapy excellent results with “space suit”, done in USA and Egypt. Go look at : www.sunshinetherapy.com or www.hopecenter1.com
  6. Neurosuit Therapy - great results according to my friend Fezia from Malaysia with her son Amir - go look at: www.neurosuit.com  - they will come to a country to do training if 8 or more families are interested to share costs......  
  7. Aqua therapy – water exercises preferably in warm water, we would thus have to heat our swimming pool or take Roald to a professional for    swimming/exercise session.
  8. Hippo-therapy – we would love to do this with Roald in the future again, I believe that it will help prevent hip dislocation and other spasticity related issues. We also found that it was good for his lungs when we did it a few years ago as well as great vestibular stimulation. He enjoyed the horse riding and the interaction between him and the horse was incredible! One day when he could not ride because of weather, he actually called the horse, “Ol, Ol” the horse is called Oliver. We think of this as “his” sport since rugby is out of the question!!
  9. HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) I believe that Roald can benefit by at least a 100 to 200 more sessions. Studies show and parents report the more you do the more benefits evolve from this therapy, this is the therapy method that most of the parents on PONDS (parents of near-drowns rave about and that they truly feel they got the best results with and saw the very first improvements with their children following ND – do this as soon as possible after the drowning, I have learned! Go look at :   www.hbot4u.com
  10. Vest therapy, like having a full time fisio at your home, go look at : www.thevest.com
  11. Alcomed is a local great company to buy fisio products from: www.alco.co.za or tel no: 021- 9391033, e-mail: Jurie or Carol Fourie: alcomed@alco.co.za  – I bought a great vibrating massager for lung fisio from them and a massage bed as well as an Alcomed fisio electrical stimulation apparatus, their service is great!

Note: (this list will be updated regularly and be forwarded to whoever need it and is simply compiled to make your road shorter in finding therapies!  None of these therapies should be seen as a substitution for medical care and should be tried after consulting with your medical practitioners)

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