Living in the Fast lane

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Living in the Fast lane

Trauma & tragedies were regular visitors to the Rudman family. These prompted Elna Rudman to write about the tsunamis following their path in the hope to help others cope.  Family deaths by unnatural causes, stormy marriage in diplomatic circles, near-drowning, suicide, brain injury and a court case of many years are all ingredients supplying the book's name: "Living in the fast lane".

‎The message sent, hopefully reaching many, is to never give up, not to fall into the well of bitterness nor depression but to chin up and help others in the same situation as it facilitates emotional healing!



Elna, I just read your book this morning, Mom lent it to me and well I have no words really, to express how in absolute, overwhelming awe I am of you and your Rattie and family, but especially YOU!  I will never know what it is really like to be a mommy BUT I always watch and listen, and realise there is such a deep, instinctive, unconditional love, and protection in all mommies!  I had no idea what you’d been through and what you carry on doing not only for your precious Roald BUT for others! I could go on and on, but I would never achieve in words what your words, in your book, made me feel about you and your Roald.

I salute you and know that no matter what is thrown in your path you will always turn it into a positive.  FOR THAT I HAVE HUGE RESPECT and YOU ARE A TRUE INSPIRATION.

As Churchill said….’Keep on keeping on’….I am honoured to know you

Have a beautiful day


Hello Elna

Hoe gaan dit daar? Ek wil net by jou hoor of jy my betaling van R200 ontvang het wat ek in Desember per EFT betaal het? Ek het die boek verskriklik geniet en baie insiggewend gevind - kon dit nie neersit nie - baie geluk met die boek - baie goed geskryf!

Laat dit goed gaan en groete van 'n baie nat Lambari.


I downloaded your book this evening after dinner, and I sat down and read it all in one setting, not even getting up once.  It is very well done. Your writing is passionate and heartfelt and sincere. One can always tell. You are honest and frank in telling yours and Roald's story.  It was my privilege to read your book. You can be very proud of it. Somehow you took this major tsunami and made it understandable and somehow uplifting.  No small feat, my dear.  Well done.

 Congratulations on such a wonderful, honest and truly heart-felt book.  Your life has been an incredible roller coaster ride and your story deserves to be shared with as many people as possible.  As a reader you'd be hard pressed not to give way to tears of sadness and then tears of pure joy.  If there is a British edition, your agent should be in touch with Radio 4 and especially Woman's Hour who may be interested in hearing of your extraordinary life.  With the kindest of regards,   'Kid' x